Carina Griffin is one of 29 young adventurers from Girton Grammar School fundraising for a four-week trip to India.

The group will undertake projects to support local communities.

Carina and her peers will travel to India as part of a World Challenge expedition, leaving on June 23.

The students are expected to raise their own funds to support their trip and will be responsible for planning their own itinerary, arranging their accommodation and managing a group budget.

Carina, aged 14, is the youngest member of her group and expects that the trip will be life changing.

“Coming from a small town, Castlemaine, I am looking forward to branching out from what I already know. I cannot wait to interact with people from another culture and to share my own culture,” she said.

“For me, this trip will be about strengthening my own skills and helping others. Although I am young, I know that experiences change people and I want to take every opportunity to shape that future in a way that is positive and productive.

“India is a place I have always wanted to visit, from the bustling cities, to the unique and diverse wildlife, to the striking isolation of its beautiful mountains and diverse religions, it seems like a place completely saturated with culture and beauty.”

Carina’s group will be tackling the Rantham Pass in the Himalayas, a challenging nine day hike.

They will then undertake essential building projects as identified by an organisation for girls’ education in Rajasthan, which the group will support during their visit.

“One of my close friends, Sophia Ginis, also from Castlemaine, is in my expedition group and we’re both especially looking forward to our community project, she’s also been fundraising really hard,” she said.

The students have already attended a training weekend that included hiking, camping and team building activities. In the Easter Holidays, Carina and Sophia walked and unicycled the Goldfields Track to raise money for her group’s Community Project in

The money raised will go directly to the school they are working at in India and donations can still be made at: