Graeme Wiggins, Tha Zin Oo and Brad Clark.

The average 15-year-old at school today can expect to work in 17 jobs in five different careers.

Students will need to be able to grasp new ideas quickly and move smoothly between industries and occupations.

In light of this, the Bendigo Tech School will offer free tech focused innovative learning programs to every Bendigo secondary school student.

Bendigo Tech School director Graeme Wiggins believes the tech school will inspire a new generation of ideas.

He said with three quarters of the fastest-growing industries and occupations requiring science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills and knowledge, students will need these skills to succeed.

“Bendigo Tech School also includes the arts – increasing the acronym to STEAM,” Mr Wiggins said.

“STEAM skills and knowledge create the opportunities for our local students and industries to collaborate and build the skills and know-how for the future of work.”

At Bendigo-based steel castings manufacturer, Keech the focus is attracting young people to consider manufacturing as a career.

“Manufacturing is not about the dark and dirty, there are many opportunities,” executive general manager Brad Clark said.

A new innovative and hi-tech hub is under construction at La Trobe University and nearly ready to prepare secondary students for the jobs of the future. Members of the public are invited to the Bendigo Tech School’s latest public event, Spaces to Learn, on

Thursday June 14. Bookings are essential at