Lachie Webb with Shine Bright CEO Suzi Sordan. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

Loddon Mallee Preschool Association has launched its new look and brand as Shine Bright Early Years Manager.

“We are excited to be announcing our new name as we move forward with the next stage of our organisation’s development and growth,” Shine Bright CEO Suzi Sordan said.

“We have two changes occurring at the same time – our name and our central office has relocated to 53 Wills Street Bendigo.”

Shine Bright is the new name for the 15 Bendigo kindergartens that are managed by the group.

Chairman of the board David Richmond said the name change is essential to unite all of the 28 kindergarten services in operation across central and northern Victoria.

“We are an organization that champions the children of today, for a better tomorrow,” he said.

“As the leaders in kindergarten services in the Loddon Mallee region with a team of 260 dedicated early education leaders, we are ready.”

Each kindergarten shines bright in a unique way.

Education programs are designed for each child to grow their own sense of identity through experience and connection to their community.

Inspired by local connections, some Shine Bright kindergartens have a bush kinder program.

Another kindergarten is developing a transition to school program to share with other kindergartens, while another hosts regular outings to a local residence for elderly people.

“What is most exciting for our team is the collective passion and experience of early years education that we can share across our wide network of Shine Bright kindergartens,” Mr Richmond said.

Next year’s kindergarten enrolments are now open.

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