Kay Aitken, Viv Holmes, Jane Coburn and Lesley Corrie. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

Friendships are often based around a common interest – sewing, golf, tennis, hiking – take your pick.

One particular friendship group in Bendigo is firmly cemented by its love of drawing.

Group spokesperson, Kay Aitken says she and her friends are so passionate about their time together, they have named their group, “Is it Friday yet?”

“We started to meet together a couple of years ago and since then are time together has firmed up,” Ms Aitken said.

“The great thing about our group is that not only have we made wonderful friends but we have been able to share our skills and encourage each other with our drawing.”

The women meet at the Quest Schaller Hotel and usually combine their drawing with lunch or a coffee and cake.

They generally confine themselves to using colour pencils or graphite pencils, mediums which are compatible with a public space.

The six women have a variety of subjects which they like to explore whether they be the landscape, flora or the minutia of life.

Apart from Kay Aitken, the artists are Viv Holmes, Measly Adams, Jane Coburn, Rosemary MacQueen and Lesley Corrie.

An exhibition of their work is being held at Exhibit B, Bendigo Bank Central (formerly Fountain Court) until Monday.