Local artist Frankie O. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

The energy positively radiates from Bendigo artist Frankie O, which is pretty amazing really as she has just finished a major art project, is pregnant with her second child and in the middle of hanging her second exhibition.

In One Digital Drawing A Day Frankie has used a touch screen tablet to create a total of 365 images.

Using bold colours and energetic lines, her digital creations are speedily created.

“This is not only practical, meaning I don’t spend all day on the image but it ensures the swift, energetic lines,” she said.

After posting the images online Frankie also has them printed on paper or fabric.

“This is my second attempt at one drawing a day,” she said.

“This time round I was dealing with sleep deprivation – my daughter is 14 months old. But rather than get lost in a sleep-haze, I thought if I did a digital illustration I would feel that I had at least accomplished something artistically.”

Keeping to her resolution hasn’t always been easy and Frankie said the hardest day was when her family came down with gastro – all three of them.

“That was a challenge,” she laughed.

“But I still managed to get the drawing done within the 24 hours.”

Frankie said several people have been inspired by her project but the reality is more difficult than they think.

“No one else I know of has actually been able to stick to the resolution,” she said.

Her online daily art fix has not only kept Frankie sane but has resulted in a fabulous exhibition.

One Digital Drawing A Day will be at Dudley House until July 25.