Amanda Kinross and Michelle Robinson.

Amanda Kinross was at home in Sedgwick last month when she became aware of the relentless stories of hardship associated with the drought that were coming over the airways.

“I heard one farmer say he couldn’t even afford to buy the bullets to put his sheep down, they were so desperate for feed,” she said.

“I lay in bed that night with these terrible images in my head. I thought there must be something we can do as a nation and started thinking of ideas for a campaign.

“Well parma rhymes with farmer doesn’t it? So that’s the slogan I came up with – “parma for a farmer.”

From that point Ms Kinross contacted the Bendigo Have Your Say facebook page with the suggestion that pubs donate money for every parma they sell.

The idea took off faster than a speeding bullet.

Ms Kinross estimates there are currently more than 3000 venues involved the scheme.

Earlier this week she accepted a cheque for $7281 from the Bendigo Club and the Kilmore Racing Club.

Michelle Robinson, venue manager of the Bendigo Club, said she was thrilled to see how many people supported the campaign.

As the campaign grew Amanda Kinross started to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the operation but was quickly helped out by the Buy a Bale campaign. “People or organisations wanting to donate money simply have to go to the Buy a Bale link and make their donations through there,” she said.

So far the campaign has spread throughout Australia, Singapore and England.

“We’re going to keep going until the drought breaks,” Ms Kinross said.

“We estimate that we will have raised $10 million by the end of September.”

Venues wanting to get involved can go to the Buy A Bale link, The Parma for a Farmer facebook page, or email

The Australian Hotels Association is also supporting the Parma for a Farmer campaign.