Vet Mark Sycamnias and nurse Chloe Beckwith. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

PRICKLES the adult echidna was in a spot of trouble yesterday, but she ended up in good hands.

With a broken beak she was unable to eat properly, but with care she should return to normal.

Vet Mark Sycamnias said she may end up at the Healesville animal sanctuary.

“Her beak was full of maggots, which would normally be a snack for her, but the break and damage attracted them,” he said.

“We should be able to patch her up and send her on her way.”

Co-owner of the McIvor Road Veterinary Centre, Dr Sycamnias said he is hearing of a spike in wildlife cases.

“There are certainly more kangaroos in the town,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prickles just wanted to be left alone, all the attention and being wrapped in a towel didn’t suit her at all. – Steve Kendall.