Wayne Evans. Photo: GARRY PATERSON.

Room for burials at the Kangaroo Flat Remembrance Park is rapidly running out.

But next week’s scanning of an unmarked area adjacent to the old Presbyterian monumental section of Kangaroo Flat Remembrance Park may help alleviate the problem.

A fire in the 1970s destroyed cemetery records and Remembrance Parks Central Victoria have no way of knowing if the apparent undisturbed area of close to 200 square metres, can be used to extend the existing Minto lawn area, the only area where lawn plots can be bought.

This has seen many people pre-purchase plots to secure their right to be buried at Kangaroo Flat.

“In order to accommodate future burial demand, we are searching for ways to further utilise the space at Kangaroo Flat, including searching this area with ground radar technology,” RPCV operations manager Wayne Evans said.

“If it is found that there are no burials here then the area will be developed into further lawn graves, however, if it is found there are burials that have taken place, we plan to landscape the area to acknowledge and beautify the final resting place of some of Kangaroo Flat’s earliest residents.”

Graves within the monumental sections of the cemetery are still available, however most people prefer a lawn grave as their final resting place.