Twins Sing: Alanna and Alicia.


Twin sisters, Alanna and Alicia return to the Old Church on the Hill to sing their original songs in a Sunday afternoon concert.

Known for their quality, quirky lyrics and sweet harmonies, they will be accompanied by their band, Damien Neil, guitar, Silas Palmer, piano and violin, and Sarah Busutill, violin and snare drum.

They will also sing songs from their most recent release, Songs I’m Singing with Me, a tribute to troubadour John Beavis, whose beautiful songs were not as widely heard as deserved due to his ongoing battle with mental illness.

The special guest will be crooner and old time folk singer, William Alexander, who brings back the songs of hillbilly and country music’s greatest figures as well as his own songs of the new world and all its trials and tragedies.

Alexander has recently had his album, The Kid from Bourke, nominated for the Best Independent Country Album of the Year in the AIR awards.

The show is on Sunday, April 28. Tickets $15. Doors open 2.30pm.