Dr Kylie Banyard. Photo: JACQUIE MANNING

Dr Kylie Banyard, the new Visual Arts Coordinator and lecturer at La Trobe University is looking forward to rebuilding the Visual Arts  program after what has been a fairly tumultuous time at the university.

During the past few years staff have been replaced and the future direction of the course was unclear.

But now the dust is settling and Dr Banyard says five new people have been employed as part of a
re-investment in the Visual Arts program.

Dr Banyard recently
returned from Sydney where she was selected to exhibit as part of the prestigious arts event, The National.

Originally from Sydney, Dr Banyard has gradually worked her way south to Bendigo after teaching at the Mildura La Trobe Arts campus.

Dr Banyard is pleased the Visual Arts program at Bendigo is now growing and is part of the renewed Bachelor of Creative Arts.

The Visual Arts program has some 70 students plus post-graduate and honours students.

“The students consist of a mixed demographic. Some are straight from school, others are mature aged and we have students from Melbourne as well,” she said.

“There’s a buzz around the building now, a good vibe. We also have three technical staff so we’ve been able to re-vamp the art studios. They look fantastic.”

With its interdisciplinary studio practice as well as art theory and history, Dr Banyard says the Visual Arts program is well rounded.

“We’re aiming for a strong, viable and sustainable program which has industry experience such as internships at the NGV built into it.”

– Dianne Dempsey