Jan Spencely with some club history. Photo: ANDREW PERRYMAN

The Bendigo Aquatic Centre swimming club rooms are being cleared out this week, with decades of memorabilia uncovered.

Bendigo Hawks Aquatics’ secretary Charron Trainor said the countless trophies and photographs deserve to be preserved.

“It’s a piece of Bendigo’s social history,” Ms Trainor said.

With photographs dating back to the club’s inception in the early 1900s, a lack of space at the Faith Leech Aquatic Centre leaves the club with a conundrum as to where to store all of its historical artefacts.

“I will box it up and the bigger picture is that it will be scanned and be stored in archives,” Ms Trainor said.

The council wants to demolish the 54-year-old Barnard Street building and remove its asbestos, enabling the Municipal Baths to be viewed.

The plan is part of the 2014 Rosalind Park master plan, which also calls for public space around the baths, boardwalks and barbecue facilities.